Patient Stories

Patient Stories

Our patients are like family at LeGrand Associates and many of them become friends. Here are a few comments we've received from some patients that have allowed us to assist them with their prosthetic eyes.
Our patients are like family at LeGrand Associates and many of them become friends. Here are a few comments we've received from some patients that have allowed us to assist them with their prosthetic eyes.

"Joe LeGrand was great! He was very patient with my 10 month old who needs two prosthetics. She didn't cry once and they came out great! People don't even question they actually compliment how nice her eyes are while we're out and about lol I would recommend him to anyone!"
- Kiara Scott
“After receiving the eye, I was at a rest stop on I-64 and just stared at people to get a reaction and no one gave me a second look!”
- Sheri Colbert
“You are an amazing human being. Thank you for always making me feel special and helping me look beautiful again!”
- Bexis
“I wanted to drop you a note and thank you for the 14 years of service you have provided. Your office staff has always been very accommodating and responsive with scheduling. In today's world of shortcuts, it is nice to have a friendly voice on the other end of the line. Your work is appreciated as well, I have never had any trouble with the prosthetic in any way, it has been flawless. Craftsmanship is something I value and yours is excellent, I am looking forward to the continuation of our relationship.”
- Alan

“LeGrand Associates has been part of my life for the past 36 years. As a 14 year-old girl in the middle of puberty, my sick eye was something that affected my self-esteem and self-confidence. Joe had such a calm and reassuring presence about him that made the process of getting my prosthetic cover shell an exciting and joyous time. My life changed that day. The confidence that I gained in that one afternoon was immeasurable and it is a memory that I hold dear to this day.

10 years later, it was time for me to get a full prosthesis, as I underwent an enucleation with a hydroxyapetite implant. For proximity reasons, we went to a different ocularist for the first full prosthesis following my surgery. I didn’t feel the warmth and caring that I had felt with LeGrand Associates, so much so, that I refused to go back to them. At that point I began to see David in the Norfolk office. Like Joe, David has a way of putting you at ease, while throwing in a good bit of humor. They are both amazing artists with incredible talent. When I tell people I have a prosthetic eye, they don’t believe me. Their ability to match my healthy eye is unbelievable and a gift I appreciate everyday.”

- Karen Chang
“Thank you for the beautiful job on my Eye. I’ve had many compliments!! You are a genius!"
- Andrew
"I have been a patient at LeGrand Associates for over 40 years and when I say perfection I am telling the truth! The attention to detail, color and shape is beyond expectations! David LeGrand is a master ocularist! He is very patient, kind and a down to earth person. You see, I am a very picky person, but David always takes his time catering to my needs. I thank God for his patience and taking the time with me over the years. If you need an ocularist, he is the one to come to!"
- R. Holloman
"From the bottom of my heart, thank you for spending the time you did with me. I finally feel good about myself. You are a true professional and a wonderful person. I can’t say enough."
- Jim
“Our 14-year old daughter has been a patient of Joe LeGrand’s since she was diagnosed with microopthalmia at birth. We could not have asked for a more professional, caring, or wonderful patient care provider than Joe. He turned a devastating diagnosis into something that we, as a family, have been able to deal with, thanks to his compassion and medical competence. We are lucky to have him! The Rotmans thank you, Joe!”
- Angie

"When we started our journey with Arrayah, our little “Ray of Hope”, we didn’t know what we would get to experience. A year into our cancer journey we found out that she was going to have to have her eye removed. After asking who we might consider working with, it was suggested that we talk with LeGrand Associates and Joseph LeGrand.

When we met Joe for the first time, soon after our daughter lost her right eye, we found him to be very understanding and he did a great job of matching a very complicated blue. He also was a great help in training us in the process of removing the prosthesis as well as placing the prosthesis in the socket. Not only does he do excellent work, but he’s also compassionate and tender as he works with our child.

The process of taking the prosthesis out and placing it back in the socket can be scary for a child, but we have always been impressed with how well he helps it to not be scary for our daughter."

- Ashley, father of Arrayah

“My name is Karan and I lost my left eye 33 years ago with cancer. As a child, people always told me I had the prettiest big eyes, so when this happened it was devastating for so many reasons. LeGrand Associates just made my 4th eye and I can tell you in over 25 years and me getting older, I have NEVER had anyone look at me and say "Hey, do you have a glass eye?" I have always been so pleased with their work, it has made my life so much better and easier because no one knew! I am forever grateful to them for their work and the service they have provided. I feel so blessed to have Dave taking care of me!"

- Karan Smith