Figure 1

To insert your artificial eye, use your index finger and gently raise your upper lid. Slide the large portion of the prosthesis in first and turn the pointed end toward your nose. (Figure 1)

Figure 2

Hold the prosthesis in the socket and pull The lower lid down to allow the bottom half of the eye to slide in place. If the eye is correctly placed in the socket, it will fall in- to position by itself. After releasing the lower lid, release the suction cup. (Figure 2)

Figure 3

To remove your artificial eye, moisten the open end of the suction cup, raise the up- per lid, squeeze the base and gently adhere it to the iris so that it is firmly attached. While still holding the suction cup, draw the lower lid downward and look up. The eye should easily slide out. (Figure 3)
Insertion & Removal of the Artificial Eye

Remember, any time you handle your artificial eye, your hands should be clean. Always wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water. This will reduce the risk of infection and irritation. To learn how to insert and remove your artificial eye, practice in front of a mirror. A suction cup will make handling your prosthesis easier. To use the suction cup, moisten the open end, squeeze the base and attach it to the iris.